Upgrade From Great to Excellent

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

Tracy helps entrepreneurs, high potentials and executives transition from great managers to excellent leaders. She offers a variety of training and coaching programs, from individual executive coaching to group management and leadership training. She takes a holistic approach to teaching her clients how to develop their unique leadership style and draw-out the best in themselves and their teams. Tracy’s clients learn how to save time and energy, improve their wellbeing and create more opportunities for success - with less effort - while doing what they love.

Individual coaching programs are tailored to meet your needs, stretch you beyond your limitations, and overcome any and all obstacles along the way. Unwavering support from a coach while challenging your self-limitations and negative beliefs will completely transform a good life and business into a great life and business.

Executive Coaching

Executives and Senior Leadership are expected to have the ability to evolve quickly to meet the increasing complexity, ambiguity, and rapid change in their work environments - to transform on demand - a seemingly “superhuman” skill set. These ever-increasing requirements can take a toll on your energy, motivation and ability to balance these demands.

Enter the executive coach.

We work with you, your team and your sponsor to determine focus areas for growth and set a vision for targeted results. We will build on your strengths and deep-dive into areas for reflection and improvement. You will challenge your own assumptions and learn how to set the stage for open communication and feedback. Your coaching results are heavily-dependent upon your willingness to explore change and your growth opportunities.

With transformational Executive Coaching, you will:

  • Master your mindset, time management and communication

  • Take control of your time and energy

  • Identify and tackle your “blind spots”

  • Build-upon your strengths to improve in challenge areas

  • Inspire ingenuity and resiliency

  • Connect with your team to reduce dissatisfaction and turnover

  • Create an environment of inspired productivity, open feedback and success

  • Generate better results and realize those results faster

  • Ensure the sustainability of your results

Entrepreneur Coaching

Learn to slow down to speed up. Let go of control (hire the right team, delegate effectively) and get back to WHY you decided to fly solo in the first place. Imagine taking regular vacations and NOT working while you are away. How would it feel to have more time and energy? If you want to expand your business and profits, trust yourself to hire the right team and get back to what you do best. Stop working so hard and learn from a professional who can help you get over the hump to achieve beyond your wildest imagination.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you willing to tolerate the most incredible life you can imagine?

  • Are you willing to tolerate being happy and fulfilled in every area of your life at the same time?

  • Are you willing to let go of control and start enjoying your life and career again?

The moment you say yes, your life will already start to change. THAT is a powerful choice.

Would you like a powerful, transformational coaching experience? Tracy will happily set aside an hour to learn about YOU, your challenges, your hopes and your aspirations.  

A note from Tracy:

It isn’t “hard work” that creates success. It is quite simply having a vision, the right mindset, and knowing when to take INSPIRED action!

We recognize and celebrate that each person is unique, and tailor our coaching and training programs to the individual rather than applying a pre-set formula. There is no one-size-fits-all in private coaching, and no single coaching experience is like another. We start by getting to know one another and deciding whether working together feels right. From there, we create magic - together.