Do you have a vision for your own success? Do you try to visualize and then you find that the vision either slips away from you, or you don’t trust your own thoughts?

Even worse.....Do you not believe that you deserve the vision you wish for yourself? 

If you could share your wildest dreams, knock-out limiting beliefs, create a vision for your life beyond what you imagined AND access your vision as often as you wish, would you do it?

Maybe you’ve tried it all: vision board, reading inspirational quotes, writing in a journal or meditating on the picture you hold for your own vision.

Do you lose the picture, stop looking at the vision board (or never get to the craft store for supplies to make it)? While meditating and visualizing, maybe you trail off, thinking, “I can’t lounge in a hammock in paradise! I have bills to pay, laundry to fold and meals to prepare! Don’t forget my day job!”

Vision of Success. It’s simple: 3 phone calls, 1 email and an mp3 player. Done.

The “gift” she gave me during our second session was amazing; I can’t help but listen to it and smile. This is by far one of the best things I have ever done for myself... I truly realized that I need to take care of myself and not put myself last all the time. Tracy doesn’t hold back and she really digs in and asks you questions that bring out things that you may have never thought were a real issue but in all honesty, they are.
— Kelly Ferguson, Fairfax, VA

The Vision of Success (VOS) interview is a comprehensive, in-depth process, examining and evaluating 8 key areas of life. We will explore 2-3 areas deeply, discovering and uncovering the secrets to your ideal vision of success for your life. You already have the answers and solutions; not it is time to access them.

Delivery of the Gift
Delivery of the Gift

Delivery of The Gift. Shortly following the VOS interview, we will speak for 30-45 minutes for the Delivery of the Gift of your personalized VOS. After a few relaxing breaths, I will read your personal vision 5 times to help you envision and incorporate your ideal vision into your desires. In addition, you will receive a written copy and mp3 version so that you can see and hear your vision daily. Incorporating listening or reading (or both) your personalized Vision of Success into your daily routine is an easy way to naturally begin to feel successful and take action to bring your vision to life.

Interpretation, Clarification, Road to Success. One week after the Delivery of the Gift, we will speak one-on-one for 30 minutes to discuss any questions, devise a plan to work around any roadblocks your mind may create, and to help you move forward on the road to the life you always wished you had, but maybe didn’t know how to create.

Shawn Ramage VOS Testimonial

Shawn Ramage VOS Testimonial

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Vision of Success. In-depth interview, delivery of the gift, follow-up coaching call. In less than 2 weeks you can be on your way to your ideal Vision of Success for your own life. You will have your vision and the tools you need to take inspired action. 

Jenny Cornejo VOS Testimonial
Jenny Cornejo VOS Testimonial

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