Helping individuals and teams better themselves with mindset mastery and leadership training.

Tracy is an Executive Coach and Leadership Development expert. She helps her clients who struggle with feeling like they have very little control over their time and energy, and who wish to create a healthy, fulfilling path to greater success. She helps her clients exponentially expand their success without flipping their lives upside-down. 

Her coaching and leadership training programs offer whole-person, integrated leadership, executive development and mindset mastery. Tracy's background in international contract management, operations and economic development has given her a broad understanding of the bigger picture and a clear view of the unlimited potential of people and organizations. She loves to highlight and celebrate the success and abundance of her clients and everyone whose life she touches. 

Tracy began her coaching career in 2010 after leaving a job that helped her recognize how much she loves helping people, and she is now coach and mentor to highly successful people from many different industries and backgrounds. Her expertise, professional experience and "coach tool kit" guide her in coaching her clients to success in many areas of life and business, including:

  • Leadership and Executive Development

  • Entrepreneurship, Business Expansion

  • Time and Priority Management

  • Personal and Professional Development

  • Career Redirection and Expansion

  • Upgrading from "Mere Excellence" to "Genius Status"

  • Long-Lasting Legacy

In addition to working one-on-one with her amazing and inspirational private clients, Tracy also works with small and medium corporations, associations and non-profit organizations in the following ways:

  • Management and Leadership Training

  • Public Speaking

  • Leadership and Mindset Mastery Workshops (on-site and webinar)

  • Mastermind Leadership

  • Group and Team Coaching

  • Author of "So, You Want to Be a Life Coach?" career transition Workbook

Tracy has been featured on CNN, WLJA News and in the Washington Post.

Tracy's biggest “WHY” - her two beautiful children, who inspire her to reach higher and further every day. She lives in Chapel Hill, NC, and serves clients around the world.

Tracy’s professional and personal philosophy: Survival is not enough; life is meant to be celebrated.

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Tracy’s Education Credentials:

MBA - International Management. University of New Mexico (1999)

MA - Latin American Studies & Economic Development. University of New Mexico (1999)

BA - French, Minor in Spanish & Latin American Studies. Seattle University (1995)

CPSC - Certified Professional Success Coach. Success Coach Institute (2011)

Coach, Workshop Facilitator - Certification, The Mind Gym (2015)

Professional Affiliations:

Woman of the Year 2012, VIP Member - Personal Development. National Association of Professional Women (NAPW)

Board of Advisors (2010-2013) - Coach. American Learnership Forum (ALF)

Board of Advisors (2010-2013) - American Learnership Business Alliance (ALBA)

Would you like a powerful, transformational coaching experience? I will happily set aside an hour to learn about YOU, your challenges, your hopes and your aspirations. Schedule your complimentary one hour coaching consultation today.

Tracy L. Cherpeski - MBA, MA, CPSC

Tracy L. Cherpeski - MBA, MA, CPSC

A personal note from Tracy:

I am standing on this day as an Executive Coach and Leadership Development expert because I chose to stop surviving in my former career, and to start thriving in the career that my heart has chosen. 

It took a lot of courage and faith to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Once I took an honest inventory of my passions, strengths and skills, I was able to turn them into accomplishments and success. When I measured my happiness and ability to feel free, I understood that I had made the right choice. From the instant that I made the choice to switch from surviving to thriving, I felt an immediate internal shift. I felt a calm knowing that everything would turn out just as I hoped, and possibly even better. I'm excited to share that my life and career continue to impress and amaze me, and I continue to ask myself, "How can it get any better?" 

The realization that happiness and freedom fuel my fire has encouraged me to make powerful choices to change my own life in order to help others do the same. I also learned that the leader's path can sometimes feel lonely and dark, which is why I have dedicated my time and energy to supporting entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners in a way that empowers them to make the big choices seem easy, and to take the logical and productive steps required to reach beyond their wildest dreams. 

I am so grateful that I took the leap! As I shed old habits and thought patterns that held me back from my highest success and fulfillment, I acquired one of the most powerful skills in my repertoire: how to ask for help. I have worked with coaches and mentors, and with encouragement and the right questions, have been able to hone-in on my greatest strengths: the ability to zoom-out to see the bigger picture AND bring it into reality, step-by-step. I help my clients envision their highest success and fulfillment AND take the inspired action steps to achieve it. 

I share my story with you to deliver a message of hope. I also bring a tried-and-true method to help you discover your own greatness and genius, and to fully step into it.

Choose your happiness. Choose your passion. Step into your power and genius. 

I would be honored to support you.

Blessings. Gratitude. Love.

Would you like a powerful, transformational coaching experience? I will happily set aside an hour to learn about YOU, your challenges, your hopes and your aspirations. Schedule your complimentary one hour coaching consultation today.