Women in Business Mastermind: Elevating Women Leaders Application

Welcome! I am honored that you have chosen to apply to be part of this powerful opportunity to shift your game to going bolder and deeper; to speak up and say what you really want to; to be part of a fantastic group of women leaders who inspire you as much as you do them; and to dedicate time, a place and framework for up-leveling and re-powering your business, your presence and your genius.

Know that I appreciate and value you, your privacy, your worth and your dignity.

All answers you provide will be kept strictly confidential.


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The value you get from participating in the mastermind group depends on your commitment to do the work between meetings and to show up fully. For maximum benefit, please expect to spend 9-18 hours between quarterly meetings (3-6 hours/month) on assignments, contribution to the LinkedIn group and meeting preparation and reflection.
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I will come to meetings prepared to discuss the assignment. I will abide by the agendas for the group. I will share my needs and seek group input whenever asked to do so. I will willingly and generously contribute ideas and solutions to the needs my team members bring to the meetings. I will treat my team members with respect and follow the communication guidelines provided by the facilitator to the best of my ability. I will add all meetings to my schedule and make it a priority to attend every meeting. I will share my knowledge of relevant resources that I believe will help my team members increase their success. I will not judge how my team members define success, but will support them toward whatever they hope to achieve. I will make every effort to arrive on time and participate fully in the meetings.