Learn what it takes to become a coach. Specifically, get clear on the unique skills, gifts and genius that you bring to this world and to potential clients. Discover who your ideal client is so that you enter this exciting field with and eye to your niche market (even if it changes along the way). Explore the business of coaching and expand your mindset to that of a successful entrepreneur. You will be well-equipped to become a great coach AND a prosperous business owner.

This workbook is written for individuals looking to make a change in career, either by adding to your current skill set, or by making a complete career change to start a coaching business. If you are open to expanding how you view yourself and how you can be of service to others, and you are ready to dig deep BEFORE you invest in a coach training program, then this workbook is for you.

As you work through the three "classes" you will get a broader understanding of the coaching industry, the business of coaching, general ideas about starting your business, and finding and creating clients. You will also get very clear on the following:

  • What you bring to the table - your Unique Selling Proposition 
  • Whether to get certified, and what to look for in a certification training program
  • The lifestyle you wish to create - how you will spend your time and energy as a business owner and the income required to maintain and continually improve that lifestyle

Three "classes" in one workbook. Save time, energy and money. Get clear first, THEN leap.