Of the abundance of speakers to choose from for your next event, there is only one who brings such a delightful combination of experience, insight and warmth as Tracy. Setting the tone for successful professionals who want to live an exquisitely fulfilled life, she teaches people how to create contentment and harmony in every aspect of their lives. Her message of hope, limitless potential and inspired action speaks to a broad audience. Through her dynamic and animated presentations, Tracy draws on her experience and excellence to share the fundamental elements that have guided her clients beyond their wildest imaginations - into their own Vision of Success. As an accomplished professional and charismatic, nurturing leader, Tracy brings tremendous passion, energy and personal touch to her presentations. Tracy has shared her presentations with industry groups, networking organizations, community education programs, government organizations and corporations.

Presentations that Inspire, Motivate to Action and Touch Your Soul

In every talk, Tracy draws upon her personal and professional experience to share real-life examples of how the principles she teaches really work. Her ability to personally engage and connect deeply, while incorporating creative solutions helps your audience identify both emotionally and logically in order to rationalize the need for behavioral change, creating new habits and profound transformation. 

Tracy is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public seminars and private events. 

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Tracy is happy to design a custom experience if required, including half- to full-day workshops; however sample keynote and working session topics often include:

  • "Connecting With Your Team: Effective communication in the workplace"

  • "From Stress to Success: How to balance 'it all' in an unbalanced world"

  • "Stop Working SO HARD! Ease for the busy professional"

  • "3 Steps to Exquisite Fulfillment and Success"

  • "Inside-Out: A holistic approach to success and wellbeing"

  • "Achieve Professional and Financial Goals: Executive coaching for leaders and their teams"

* Mileage and/or travel fees may be assessed for on-site seminars

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