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Welcome to Powerful Choices! I am honored that you have trusted me with your most honest answers. Know that I appreciate and value you, your privacy, your worth and dignity. In order to offer you the best support in the shortest amount of time on your journey, I trust that you will respond with openness and honesty.

This exercise is designed to move quickly from beginning to end. Please answer with your first instinct and continue to the end. I have arranged the questions in a fashion that examines 8 key areas of your life in order to map-out the best route possible for your journey to your Vision of Success.


1. Spend about 10-15 minutes, giving your most honest answers; stick with your first response. All fields are required.

2. When finished, click "Submit" at the bottom. 

3. You will be redirected to my online scheduler where you may schedule your complimentary strategy session to see how best to get started.

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