Personal and organizational success. Sustained results. 

Great leaders who aspire to become excellent leaders need support. We are here to help you set your vision, identify areas for growth, and ensure quick and sustained results. There are many benefits of working with an executive coach; below are the 4 key reasons to work with a coach:

  1. Establish a clear vision. Building a strong vision and goals, and helping your team connect with that vision, will increase everyone’s success and fulfillment (and we know happy staff are more productive).
  2. Honest and timely feedback on effectiveness of leadership and systems. You need an unbiased truth-teller, and an objective view of how your leadership contributes to your overall success. By gathering feedback from your team and sponsor, we will determine your areas for improvement and strategies for growth. 
  3. Your coach guides you through reflection and self-analysis. The best part of working with a coach is clearing the decks on a regular basis to think and strategize without distractions. This accelerates your development as a leader by encouraging you to reflect and grow. 
  4. Help with improving your ability to anticipate, strategize and stay on track. Maximize your potential by improving work performance and team effectiveness. With a clear vision and regular feedback, you will gain insight and experience mindset shifts that lead to new behaviors and better results in all areas: self, team and business management. This encourages you and your team to think bigger, act more boldly and realize greater possibilities.

We build the foundation on core coaching competencies and will deepen your coaching experience by engaging a feedback support team; committing to action; implementing methods to measure success; establishing systems to ensure sustained success; and finally, completing our coaching with you providing feedback to your coach.

Your results are heavily-dependent upon your goals, commitment and willingness to self-reflect and take action. According to research, return on investment in executive coaching and training is 7- to 40- times the initial investment (Source: 2009 International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Coaching Client Study).

Additional benefits of coaching are:

  • Improved performance
  • Mindset mastery
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Reduced turnover
  • Higher team engagement and job satisfaction

If you would like to find out if working with a coach is right for you, I will happily set aside an hour to learn about your goals, desires and challenges. Please click on the button below to answer a few questions to teach me more about you.