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Sales & Business Development Job Description


Dear Candidate,

Thank you so much for your interest in joining our team! I appreciate that you have invested time and energy in your inquiry. I want to start by first explaining what I am looking for, and what my vision is, to help you decide whether you would like to take the next step to apply for this opportunity, and to prepare you for an interview process that will no doubt be very different from most you have experienced. 

This description is intentionally long and detailed. I am looking for someone who is willing to invest time and energy into learning and understanding what it takes to attract and seal business in the coaching and training industry: a connection, perception of value, and understating potential client needs and wants.

“Job” Description:

This is for all intents and purposes a “sales and business development” opportunity. Should we decide to work together, our agreement will detail sales and business development activities. 


We are expanding our leadership training workshops, ongoing trainings and executive coaching programs in the corporate and non-profit world. In the past two years, this “arm” of the business has grown organically. However, attracting and obtaining new business in this arena requires a representative of Tracy Cherpeski International to contact, connect and coordinate potential and new clients, and manage the sales process. We will provide you with leads, both warm and not-yet-warm, and whenever possible, direct contact information at the organizations with which we desire to work. 


Tracy will train you personally, both in the desired sales process, and in (some) scripting and relaying the essence of what we do for our potential clients, and to the decision-makers in their organizations. As part of the interview process, you will be invited to participate in a coaching session on the topic/goal of your choice. This is not meant as a behavioral analysis of your abilities, but as an opportunity to: 

  1. Grow personally and professionally through the experience of professional coaching.
  2. Experience what makes Tracy’s coaching style and approach to personal and professional development different from other executive coaches and coaching organizations. In essence, you will draw from your experience to help answer the, “What’s in it for me/us?” question that inevitably arises in the sales process.

This is a part-time, mostly-on-your-own-watch opportunity. You will make some phone calls during business hours of the companies we are looking to work with, but we are otherwise unconcerned with how many hours you “put in” and when you work. We are in the business of creating and achieving results for our clients and for the business, and that is the primary focus of this opportunity. We will have weekly scheduled calls, and can be in contact as much or as little as you like between calls; it’s up to you.

Compensation shall be commission and performance-based. Earning potential is nearly unlimited, and always ongoing. If a subsequent sale is made after your initial sale with a client, even if you did not “close” the subsequent sale, you will be paid a commission. We are interested in building lasting relationships with our clients, and we want you to be part of that relationship - and reward you for your efforts. 

If you are a college or graduate student and want internship credits, we can explore that to see if we meet the requirements of your university.

By design, “Business Development” implies that there could be opportunity to expand your role as we grow, and if we see a good fit. We are very open to this, and welcome and value your creativity and outside-the-box thinking and input at all points of this growth process.

Key Elements of Your Role:

Paradox 1: I am NOT looking for someone who embodies and embraces a “used car sales person” approach. I AM looking for someone who can learn how I coach and teach, my philosophy, the benefits of coaching and training, and convey the warmth, safety and exponential growth that can happen when we work together. It is the experience of me that makes clients say, “Hell YES!” to training and coaching. 

Paradox 2: I am not desperate for clients; I am eager to serve more people. My time and energy are very valuable. Our primary focus is on serving clients, and establishing relationships that create happy, returning, referring clients.

General Tasks: Call and email potential clients to introduce to our services, arrange for a call with Tracy, if necessary, and manage the sales process from first contact to invitation of the sale, and follow-up for potential “up-sell” and continued service opportunities. Additionally,  you will manage CRM, help manage the details of client engagement (follow-up, payment arrangements, pre-event details, post-event surveys, and helping clients see the potential of “what’s next” {e.g., inviting continued and upgraded services and programs}) and maintaining a high degree of professionalism and service, while having fun doing so. 

Key Qualities: You are a High Performer, committed to your personal and professional growth. These are the key qualities I am looking for in my AMAZING sales and business development associate.

Anticipation: You trouble-shoot in advance, managing details impeccably.

Proactive: Scan and think ahead to what clients might want and need, both for events and for future programs.

Systems: You help create systems we can duplicate going forward for smooth expansion and exponential growth.

Creativity: You don’t need to wait for instructions. You use your creativity in everything from client research to impressing and amazing our clients with incredible service and attention to detail.

Agreements vs. Expectations: We will have clear agreements and if we have unmet needs, we agree to create new agreements to meet our needs. 

Integrity: You keep your word, and honor the integrity of my word as you represent me.

Open Communication: We agree to speak openly and respectfully with one another, and communicate as clearly as possible to avoid misunderstandings, sadness or drama.

You Always Do Your Best: Your best will continuously change according to circumstances. Under any circumstance, do your best to avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret. Have patience with yourself. Take action. Practice loving forgiveness.

Confidentiality: I expect and require confidentiality. If we meet in my home or with any of my family members, you will not share details or photographs without my permission.

Professional Development: I firmly believe in ongoing personal and professional development. I’ll do my best to support you in this. My goal is to support you in becoming extraordinary in what you do.

If this opportunity resonates with you, click here to email your resume and mind-blowing cover letter. I look forward to learning more about you and what drew you to this opportunity.