Working with Tracy was my first venture into business and personal coaching and it has changed my life in all aspects. Planning for success and having someone to help you set goals, keep focused and accountable, and broaden your horizons is something everyone should do but sadly very few actually possess the ability to make this happen. Tracy has given me control over this, not just in my business but in my personal life. 

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Since combining forces with Laura Bryant, this has taken my business to the next level. Having both marketing and operations under the same roof allows consistency and efficiency, for the first time I feel like I’ve gotten help on marketing and business to help “the big picture”. Working with business and marketing philosophy aligned, it was so easy to have Laura train our office manager to systematize marketing, line things up and get it D.O.N.E. 

Working with Tracy to set up goals, systems, processes and operational guidelines has freed up my time and energy to focus on patient care, research and deepening my knowledge in my area of expertise. I have doubled my business in the last 12 months and I am looking at doubling again in 2019. 

Dr. Jeremy Pont, DC, Phoenix Helse, Lillesand, Norway -


One of the first things Tracy said to me when we spoke was, "Enough about your past, let's write your future!" Sounds fun already doesn't it? I made more progress in my coaching with Tracy in one month than I did seeing therapists for 5 years. After spinning my wheels and getting absolutely nowhere, Tracy gave me the tools to figure out my next steps and build confidence. Instead of feeling anxious and thinking uncool thoughts about my self worth, I started thinking, "I am really good at what I do and this is why people pick me. I am not nervous at all and this is going to be fun." Basically, changing my thought patterns. She seems to know exactly what to say and cares with a sincerity that is beyond measure. My engine has now started and I am FINALLY moving ahead with happiness and grace.

Liz LeFrois, New York, NY

Tracy is both my awesome personal coach and speaker for Virginia Network, which has invited her to speak at recent events. Tracy is right on the mark in helping professionals manage what can sometimes seem to be overwhelming responsibilities at work and at home. Intelligent, creative, extremely knowledgeable, and always caring, Tracy has my full recommendation to any individual or corporation who is looking for a top-notch wellness coach who knows how to help her clients make extremely powerful choices

Katherine Mackey, Reston, VA - GE, Integrated Financial Partners, Virginia Network Founder

Tracy is amazing. Her practical positive approach has helped shape me as an entrepreneur. She taught me balance and how to approach my business from a "CAN DO" point of view. She is professional and working with her has far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Tracy Cherpeski for any executive who is wanting to reach new heights in their career.

Laura Hamilton, Nashville, TN - Marketing/Business Development, DC/NYC/Nashville -

When Tracy and I first started working together back in the beginning of 2012, I felt very disorganized in my personal and professional life. As a personal trainer I felt confident in my educational background, but I was not content with my current position at a box gym. I wanted to create my own company that specialized in coaching fitness and teaching nutritional foundations to children. However, I had no idea how to conquer this giant beast when almost every other aspect of my life was in disarray.

Through Tracy's mentoring and inspirational guidance I was able to work through the obstacles and find a solid ground to start from. I am currently still working at the "box gym", except now I have gained the business insight to not only know what moves I need to make for my personal business, but more importantly I have found the spiritual confidence to conquer my demons and achieve my dreams!

In retrospect the most significant improvements over the course of the nine months we worked together was the newfound confidence to weed out the people in my life who were of a negatively distracting influence, in turn opening up room for positive people on similar paths as I. Something else that I appreciated most was her ability to help me be the one to target the most paralyzing issues, as well as motivationally interviewing me so that I could also be the problem solver. This practice continues to help me be in control of my environment more so than ever before. Lastly, she guided me through the grueling process of setting up my first official business website.

Since working with Tracy I have only continued to expand and grow. I started incorporating more social media, and internet marketing tools(which she helped lay the foundation of understanding for) that have helped my business reach new levels of success. You can find me on FB @ Katie Lebel Fit ( for motivational support, exercise guidance, and nutritional tips. My more popular source of direct connect is through my website where you have access to free workouts, recipes, and MUCH more!!

Katherine Lebel, McLean, VA -

Tracy is one of those people that when you first meet and greet you know she is in it for the long haul. She has integrity and Tracy is the most inspirational person I have had the pleasure in meeting. A value that is priceless. Priceless because once we had started working together I quickly realised I needed to move in a different direction. Tracy enabled me to see and actually get what it was that I should really be doing.

I think a lot of other people would have had me going around in circles, Tracy helped me get straight to the heart of the matter. Tracy is a highly focussed person and empowers others to realise their full potential. Tracy is always fully tapped-in to her client when she coaches them. She is awesome.

I do not know of anyone else in which I would put my complete trust.

Tim Holmes, Cessnock, NSW, Australia - Author

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Tracy has been incredibly inspirational to me. It is hard to maintain goals of any nature when you struggle with uncertainty. Tracy has helped me define my purpose and maintain a positive stride towards fulfilling my dream. I would be lost without her.

Trish Hedin, Los Angeles, CA 

I am not sure that I would have ever considered a coach if it wasn’t for meeting Tracy. She did a couple of presentations at the company I work for and I was impressed from the minute she started talking. Tracy’s personality is infectious and you can’t help but smile when you listen to her speak. After my first session with Tracy I can’t really explain what happened but I felt so much weight lifted off of my shoulders. I was able to open up to someone I had just met twice, I told her why I feel like I am stuck in this rut and what I want out of my life. After the first session I was hooked, she brought so much clarity to the things in my life that had me confused. The “gift” she gave me during our second session was amazing; I can’t help but listen to it and smile. This is by far one of the best things I have ever done for myself…I truly realized that I need to take care of myself and not put myself last all the time. Tracy doesn’t hold back and she really digs in and asks you questions that bring out things that you may have never thought were a real issue but in all honesty, they are. In the short time I have known Tracy she has positively impacted my life in so many ways and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me now that I have this amazing strong, confident, and generous woman to guide me. In the words of Tracy…”Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself."

Kelly Capps, Fairfax, VA - Accountant II at Pace Global a Siemens Business