What To Expect from your VIP Day experience

Everyone defines success differently, and the ways to achieve success are many, indeed. I am inviting you to get clear on your vision and master your mindset and habits in a full-immersion one-on-one workshop. You will learn a simple, effective system to increase your ability to expand and step into your highest potential. Master your mindset to help clear the path to make more money, save time and energy, and increase your creativity and productivity.

Content Outline:

Module 1: (90 mins) Vision & Clarity
Get clear on YOUR definition of success
Write your personalized Vision of Success, incorporating every key area of your life and business
Identify and work-arounds to your barriers to success
Get clear on what you really want and the path toward your ideal goals
Worksheets, resources and hands-on guidance and coaching tips*
30 minute break

Module 2: (60 mins) Time Mastery
3 exercises to “clear the clutter” in space, time and your natural environments
Worksheets, resources and gentle guidance to find real and perceived time drains*
Mindset mastery exercises for perception of time
15 minute break

Module 3: (45 mins) Energy
Ideal client guided journey (trust me, it’s really good!)
Template for identifying your ideal client(s)
Proven methods to stay inspired and energized*
15 minute break

Module 4: (45 mins) Success
Shut down the “noise” with hyper focus
Exercises to find the right method(s) for you to get very clear on your path to success
Worksheets and guided exercises*
15 minute break

Module 5: (45 mins) Review
Review of main learning points of the day
Mindset exercise review and clarifications*
no break

Module 6: (15 mins) Q&A
Ask questions to clarify, expand your success vision and stretch further

Your VIP day will be recorded for your review and future reference.

You will also schedule your one hour follow-up strategy session to further your success, and to clarify areas that need adjustments.

* You receive lifetime privilege to all worksheets, templates and resource lists.

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