Master Your Mindset. Lead Your Team to Success

Leadership Development Training  

Everyone defines success differently, and the ways to achieve success are many. Research shows that fulfilled people make better leaders, and this is directly linked to the bottom line of the organization. We invite you to get clear about your vision and master your mindset and habits, building upon your strengths. We will address areas of potential improvement and growth.  

You will learn an effective system to increase your ability to expand and step into your highest potential as a leader. Master your mindset to clear the path to increase opportunities for success, save time and energy, and become a powerfully effective leader. This program can be customized to meet your specific needs, although most of our clients work from the overview below.

Program Overview

We approach management training and coaching from the perspective that short, frequent interaction with time between sessions for practical application is a proven way to inspire and effect change within individuals and organizations. We will meet monthly for 90- and 60-minute interactive sessions, learning simple yet effective tools and tips for improving management and overall employee satisfaction. 

We will designate a focus and topic each quarter. Monthly sessions will include interactive lectures and break-out activities, both for individuals and groups. The first session of each quarter will focus on the broader subject. Subsequent monthly “deep-dive” sessions will enhance the learning experience, and build upon emerging management skills, as detailed below: 

Q1 - The Importance of Good Management

  • Month 1 (90 minute session) - Focus on the individual
  • Month 2 (60 minute session) - Focus on the team
  • Month 3 (60 minute session) - Focus on the organization

Q2 - Strategies to Increase Satisfaction in the Workplace

  • Month 1 (90 minute session) - Importance of making connections
  • Month 2 (60 minute session) - Communication skills
  • Month 3 (60 minute session) - Language “hacks” for challenging conversations (e.g., negative performance review, disciplinary action and effective communication with individuals with vastly different communication styles)

Q3 - Boosting Employee Engagement

  • Month 1 (90 minute session) - Overview of why and how to run meetings and “touch-base” interactions
  • Month 2 (60 minute session) - How to improve the quality and efficiency of meetings
  • Month 3 (60 minute session) - How to avoid boredom, distraction and wasted time in meetings

Q4 - Bringing it Together: From Manager to Leader

  • Month 1 (90 minute session) - Learning the difference between manager and leader, and why it matters
  • Month 2 (60 minute session) - How to develop leadership skills (emphasis on effective delegation and team inclusion)
  • Month 3 (60 minute session) - “Bringing up” leaders through the organization