Freedom Defined

freedom redefined.jpg

Are you TRULY free? I am not talking about living in a “free country” or anything like that.
Are you WILLING to set yourself free by releasing yourself from the stranglehold of: 

  • perfectionism
  • procrastination
  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
  • unrelenting standards
  • judgment
  • worry
  • over-thinking
  • over-planning
  • rigid “have to” and “should” thoughts
  • pre-conceived ideas of how things should go
  • trying to live someone else’s dreams
  • societal ideals of what is or isn’t appropriate for you
  • the EXACT outcome you desire and nothing else
  • rules (either imposed or imagined)
  • anything that you are allowing to hold you back from fulfilling your highest potential

Are you willing? Slow down. Breathe. Connect with kind and loving people. Be kind and loving to yourself. Be willing to release that list above and anything else that might be impeding your sense of exquisite fulfillment. To paraphrase a favorite author, Gay Hendricks ~ Why not get willing and see what happens?

Blessings. Gratitude. Love. ~ TLC