Isa's Creative Space

I present to you my beautiful daughter, nicknamed Isa (Ee-sah). She has been asking me to create a blog for her in order to share her art work and write her thoughts. I hesitated for a while for a number of reasons, and I am sure any parent can relate: time and effort required of me, possibly over-exposing my child to the public eye, running the risk of cyber ‘problems’ that have now entered our sphere of awareness, and the list goes on. However, I want to honor her desire to emulate my writing and use of social media in a way that feels safe and connected, and wrapped-up in my arms. My intention for her on this page is to allow a creative space where she can upload pictures or scanned images of her incredible creations and to share her thoughts. On this day in May 2012, she is 8 years old. You will notice that there are no images of her on this site; this is strategic in order to protect our family privacy and to allow my innocent little girl to remain this way for as long as possible (says the protective mother, fingers crossed). I hope you will enjoy her musings and creations, and if you have children in your life, perhaps you will be moved to share her thoughts with them and spark a deeper level of conversation and connection.

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