Speak Up!


Speak Up!


Do you clam-up when you feel uncomfortable? Would you like to ask for a raise or promotion, but fear that youll sound arrogant, or worsedesperate? How do you handle confrontation? What about social or business networking? How do you communicate with your partner?

Would you like to change how you speak and carry yourself in as little as 4 short weeks, on your own time?

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Speak UP!is a self-directed 4-week coaching program designed for people who are ready to raise their self-awareness, examine beliefs about themselves and take immediate action to improve their communication skills.

In this workbook, you will

  • Write and practice using scripts to expand your powerful communication skills
  • Improve your self confidence by getting clear and taking action
  • Use powerful, yet graceful, body language
  • Empower yourself by learning how to get your needs met

Are you WILLING to have everything you want in life? Now is your time.

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