(Title) is your opportunity to work one-on-one with Tracy to master your mindset and position yourself to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. Prepare for expansion, growth AND bliss, while gaining command over your life.

This is a one-day intensive training and coaching program where you learn effective tricks to master your success mindset and smart tools to help you get in control of your time and energy. Whether you’re brand new to business or established and ready to grow, a VIP day will challenge you to rise to your highest potential and create your path to exquisite fulfillment. This program is designed to turn you and your business into an unstoppable force that fuels both higher profits and your higher purpose.

The VIP training day is a full-immersion, one-day, six-module workshop, complete with done-for-you templates, resource lists and bonus content. In addition to these valuable materials, you will receive a recoding of your VIP day with Tracy for future access, and a follow-up strategy session post-VIP day to further your success.

You will also have access to other Powerful Choices content that offers strategic advice and guidance to help you stay on track and receive the highest value from your investment. Plus, Tracy offers you unwavering support, lifetime access to the downloads and resource lists from the course. You will also be given VIP priority consideration to other Powerful Choices program offerings once you have completed your VIP day with Tracy.

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Most Entrepreneurs and High Achievers envision success as incredibly demanding, time-sucking and requiring major sacrifice. It certainly could be under this mindset. You CAN have it all, including the fun and adventures you crave and need, which will help you stay healthy and productive. Research has shown that happy people are more productive and experience greater fulfillment and bliss.

Your definition of success is very personal to you, though many of my clients come to me deeply desiring - and ultimately achieving - a lifestyle and business that affords the following:

Financial freedom and security
Laser focus (recapture time and energy)
Regular vacations and real time off (completely unplugged and certain that operations are smooth while away)
Reduced stress, increased ease and relaxation
Increased earning potential
Better decision-making powers
“Radar” for success-enhancing opportunities
Decreased distractions and negative, success-sabotaging thoughts
Develop a mindset of success and a path forward
Successful formula for getting started, staying on track and starting new projects/business expansion plans


If you want to learn smart, honest and effective personal and professional development tools to master your mindset, plus take control of your success in all areas of life, then a VIP day is for you. If you would like to align your business and career with your highest values so that you can believe AND live the life you envisioned, then this is an opportunity you will want to experience. Our ideal members fall into one of these categories:

Action-Oriented Emerging Entrepreneurs

Whether just getting started or contemplating starting your own business, (Title) will help you get started the right way. Committed, but new, business owners, coaches, realtors and financial services professionals and budding investors who want to move their businesses and lives closer to the dream they had envisioned, are great candidates for a VIP day.

Established Entrepreneurs or High-Level Professionals

If you’re the owner of an online boutique services or brick-and-mortar business, you are an investment banker, C-suite executive or rapidly-climbing middle management professional and you would like to know how to harness your genius abilities, increase your personal and professional power and “level-up” your personal and professional life, a VIP day will help you fully-leverage your time and energy, even if you are pretty convinced that you have to sacrifice your time in order to do so.

Successful Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Who Want to Exponentially Expand Their Business

If you’e already a successful expert, business owner, consultant or business coach with a strong desire to expand your business, this VIP day will bolster your leadership skills and “chops” to put you in full command of your life. You will relinquish control of things that fall outside of your genius and master a mindset of success and complete ease about what it takes to expand your operations and presence.

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